Network Brokers
World Wide Telecommunications

Network Brokers, Inc. is an independent Master Neutral Agent and a National Telecommunications Carrier Since 1995. We serve customers in the 50 states, Canada as well Europe and many other countries by providing:

  • Voice
  • All Data and IP Applications
  • Video Conferencing
  • And many other telecommunication applications on a wholesale and commercial basis

We research the industry continually and represent the best telecommunication programs and services not only in terms of price and their reputation but as well as national customer responses and quality of service.

In addition to being a Master Agency and Carrier, we act as a telecommunication consultant.

The benefit to you is that unlike other consultants that charge a fee, we conduct a thorough audit and the cost to you is free.

As the industry has become more competitive over the years, we monitor the industry as to make recommendations to change your service options.

In an effort to continually lower the overall communications cost of your business, while introducing new services which will aid in more efficiently communicating with your prospective customers and your own employees.

  • We use our knowledge and experience in the telecom industry to give your company advice you can trust.
  • It is our goal to build long term relationships and become your one-stop telecom resource

Call us at 1-800-500-7615 to see how we can help you implement solutions and save money for all your telecommunication services.